BVH File nightmare
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Author:  Ian C [ Wed Jan 27, 2010 5:52 am ]
Post subject:  BVH File nightmare

Hi all. I'm having some real frustrations with BVH files. I've got a test mocap that I performed but the SMD export isn't working at all so I'm going for 3dMAX BVH export instead. That initially looked like it was going to work, as in it no longer looked like some grisly teleporter accident.

The mocap data plays back perfectly in IPISoft, no surprises there. It also plays back perfectly in BVHacker. This tells me that the mocap data is sound and portable.

Milkshape and XSI, though, act strangely - there is a wild knee shake around frames 70 to 85, the left arm doesn't come up high enough at frames 40 to 50, and from frame 100+ I've no idea what is going on with that left arm - it flails out to the left instad of staying roughly in place.

How the bloody hell can all that go so wrong when the rest of the animation is spot on? And other animation software can play it back perfectly? Even the affected limbs behave properly at points. It's been driving me nuts :( I know there are people on here with lots of experience in these things so I'm hoping you can help.

My bvh file is here:
Included in the file is a non-3dMAX bvh file that will load back into the IPISoft software, so you've got a reference of what it's supposed to behave like.


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