Some Questions?!?
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Author:  gurz [ Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:36 am ]
Post subject:  Some Questions?!?

Hello everyone,

I am considering, buying your software but i have so many questions before that;

-What are the planned features of version 1 ? can we suggest any more features ? or are we too late?
-Do we get Multiple characters in V1 ?
-Do we get Hand/Finger tracking in V1 ? ( from a seperate video other than the body tracking video )
-Do we get Face tracking in V1 ?
-is more than 25/30 fps usable? ( say 100 fps tracking giving out 25 fps tracking results ) does that give cleaner results?
-what do you think it is gonne be, about tracking times of 1 sec/4 cam video in the final version? (say with a geforce gts 250 or a 9800)
-Any smoothing/averaging/denoise algoritms to the tracked data?
-I didn't see any ceiling cameras used. Does having one better, or totally useless?
-Anything about the maximum and minumum capture spaces?
-I have access to 8 sony hdv cameras...does going hd and having more than 4 cameras have any impact on results? What if i am capturing a big space ?
-is uncompressed, high resolution, high fps better or not necassary?

I have just started evaluating your software and seen a lot of potential in it. Please keep up the good work.


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