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PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2014 4:44 pm 

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Hello. I just recently ordered 4 PSEye Camera's, thinking the spare room I have is over 13 X 13 feet. However, the room size is actually more like 11 X 14 (all of it is usable space, however, since the room is empty). Is there anyway I can still use these with the room size being a foot (or two), too short? Is there any chance it might be big enough?

I'd really like to use these camera's versus the Kinect-type setup (which wasn't really appealing to me), but didn't want to invest in the USB extension cables if I'm not going to be able to use them.

Thanks.. any help would be appreciated. Take care.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2014 2:17 am 
iPi Soft

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You may look into this topic about possible camera setup in a small room:

PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, 2014 11:21 am 

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I would say it depends on how you set up your camera heights, in the case of your area I would suggest 1 camera slightly lower facing upwards and one camera higher facing downward, so to capture full reach of arms extended, other 2 set at reasonable chest height view. Trial and testing of many positions would be recommended anyway.

If cameras are set all same medium 1.5m height, you will loose full upward extended reach of arms in that small of an area, may loose it anyway, as room is a bit small.

I have tried several cam configs and I recently re-positioned my 4 cameras so I have 2 front facing actor cameras in 2 corners pointed to center, (1 @ 1.5m and 1 @ 1.8m) to capture crossing body parts better, 1 camera directly rear facing actor @ 1.5m (that I use to align and analyze actor as well as being camera #1 in first USB port for actor bone orientation), and 1 rear facing camera @ 2.4m for arm extention. My room is 22ft x 12ft (7m x 4m). My tracking has improved with this set up, especially shoulder/hip/spine tracking when shoulders tracked by video, which I use on all trackings.

I don't know your available area for positioning of cameras, like interferrence of views, doors, windows, etc., but if all corners are free, or 1 front, 1 rear facing and 2 on sides slightly forward of center facing actor, it should be satisfactory. In that space, you probably can't use the half-circle set up all facing actor, since you should have a minimum of 2-2.5m from each camera to actor, but it may be possible, I just can't use the half circle in my area.

I have found that even though cameras can be moved within the recorder for camera number, it's best to plug camera #1 into the first USB port, as it seems to me the program uses that port as the main camera when viewing the capture area and the bones orientation of the actor on refit. (My experience) I don't know this is the way the program works, but in testing that's how I experienced it and the bone orientation/tracking was better when exported to external 3d editing programs.

Note: If room has low ceiling, it is best NOT to use direct overhead lighting, it will wash the video colors and cause bad effect on the tracking. (My experience)

I would suggest wide range, (not spot type), track lighting shining on walls for a backlighting type of set up, and it will still illuminate the room fine for actor to be tracked well. (You can adjust/test camera set up properties to be brighter also before recording)

Colors of clothing get washed out a bit in recordings, so darker bright colors are best for tracking and black gloves, if walls are a neutral color of hands.

All you can really do is try different configs and see for yourself if room is suitable for your purposes.

Not necessary, but to increase room movement area, the computer can be stationed outside room and use of Move controllers use Start button to start and stop recording, may work better. (May need longer repeater cables)

You will probably want to use Move controllers for wrist tracking movement anyway.

Hope this helps and Good Luck!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 26, 2014 8:16 am 

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Take a look at Organic Motions Open Stage set up and attempt to replicate it in your capture area:(no need for green ground color though, just a light neutral color for iPi).

As you see, there is no need for downward direct lighting of the actor, more of an ambient lighting is best and an expensive lighting set up isn't needed, cam properties can be adjusted as desired.

Although Organic Motion is professional and pricey... I hope iPi can get to the real-time tracking at some point this year as they state, this would save so much time and

make their system more robust in comparison with other video capture systems, while keeping it at a fairly low cost.

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