lightwave support ?
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Author:  keyframe [ Fri Dec 04, 2009 2:55 am ]
Post subject:  lightwave support ?

I am a lightwave user , want to buy ipisoft motion capture ,but worry about interaction for ipisoft motion capture and Lightwave,Mocap to Poser to Lightwave; mocap to MotionBuilder to Lightwave,so waste time!

having a plugin directly to Lightwave would be a HUGE time saver.

Author:  Greenlaw [ Fri Dec 04, 2009 11:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: lightwave support ?

You can import the .bvh file into LightWave 3D directly. Both iPiStudio and Lightwave also supports Collada, but I haven't tried this yet.

You only need the other apps (i.e., Poser, MotionBuilder, Animeeple, etc.,) for re-targeting the motion, fixing feet sliding, or tweaking the motion with tools other than what LW has to offer. Technically, you can much of this completely in LW using IK Boost, Modeler, and MotionMixer, but it requires a little more planning and work. The other programs have tools specifically designed for editing and fixing mocap, which can make certain tasks easier.

Sorry that this info is so generalized. Because of work and personal commitments, I haven't been able to experiment with iPiStudio very much for a couple of months now, and much of what I know is just theory right now. Hope to get back into using iPiStudio soon though.

(Actually, I'm very anxiously waiting for the next version comes out!) :)


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