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 Post subject: Isolated Tracking
PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 3:52 pm 

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Hey everyone. I want to know if there is a way to isolate the tracking of a single appendage. When I track out my scene and there is something broken, I sometimes go back to fix that appendage that is freaking out from a different view, but then ipi breaks a different body part....there has to be a way to preserve good data and fix ONLY trouble areas. Any ideas?

 Post subject: Re: Isolated Tracking
PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 6:10 am 

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Can you state the camera system being used? Kinect/ PS Eyes? and how long you have been using iPi? I see it looks like you just joined the forum.

You can try using the forum search function to see if your question has been addressed by someone already, but I will refer to what I do below:

A better way to fix a tracking area error with either camera system, is if possible, to stop the tracking and fix the area at the at impact directly and see if that helps first, then continue tracking forward, or reverse if need be, but if reverse through area and it helps, don't track forward through that area again, just frame advance past it and pick up tracking at last frame tracked to restart tracking. Also, switching the camera view to track problem areas a lot of times helps, but you may need to re-evaluate the Actor colors, if using PS Eyes, but after through that area, switch back to your main view camera, re- evaluate color again if needed to continue.

After you have the tracking completed through the ROI chosen, or whole timeline, whatever you are doing, then if you have done the above correcting pretty good, you can then run the Refine Forward, or Backward function, (I prefer running it backwards), then if you see a troubled arm/leg, head/neck as examples, you can use the frame forward method using the < or > on the keyboard to advance one frame at a time, then pull the bone with the IK tool to get it closer to the actual positioning on each affected video frame, or point cloud (Kinect), then using the same arrow keys, reverse back through that area and start Refine again and it will then refit that area much better and much closer to what it should be.

If you are using Moves, you can try applying all that data after the whole ROI is tracked first, before running the Refining, as it will keep the Moves bone rotations added during the Refining process and give a bit better overall look also.

If the bone error is in the hips, then that is a different issue that can not be corrected with the above method, that is usually only a tracking correction remedy, and possibly a different spine option chosen and most times just turning on the head tracking will eliminate a lot of weird spine tracking issues, or fix these issues in post.

BUT... if you are batch processing a lot of short motions and not monitoring the tracking for each, then you will have to re-view each to see where issues occurred and most times need to re- track much longer tracking failed areas first, but many times the tracking will eventually get back on track by itself, but many times it won't, so that is just a per tracking error correction process issue.

Hope you understand the explanation, because as of right now, this is the only way to much faster correct single bone tracking issues, until iPi makes single bone selection tracking an option, but they have referred to this option being implemented on their future program road map, but no time set to be added.


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