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PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:07 pm 

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Well, if going to try another solution, I would stay away from Perception Neuron, nothing but problems and poor service.

Other solutions, if you mean IMU solutions are out there, but you will find the tracking quality lacking and far more post clean up than iPi, but true, more freedom for performing, but this also leads to more takes being needed for the same actions and real-time leads to an abundance of unnecessary takes, that will just add to the confusion of selection and performance quality.

The Rokoko Smart Suit is the newest release for IMU sensors, and although they did misrepresent themselves on the cost before release, costing 4x more than initially stated, and to get finger tracking, not even released yet to be an additional cost, $2500 may be in the line of what you will be paying for that suit, but the quailty and ease of use looks much better than what PN is putting out at the moment and I am sure much better company support.

Another sensor system is called Notch, using small Bluetooth sensors, but it is a new start up and not as advanced yet as other companies, nor does it use the proper skeleton configuration needed for its sensor control, but worth looking at.

When you are working as a small developer/creator and needing to clean up 100's of files, IMU's aren't the best option ATM, iPi has far better initial tracking quality, although not real-time yet, but real-time with 100's of hours in clean up isn't really real-time anyway.

I follow your point as far as space is concerned, that is usually the issue for small, or in house studios, but iPi is a pretty good overall solution for what I need, even though it is a subscription license, it evens out in the clean up headaches coming from other solutions ATM, which you can get the same or better performance from Dual Kinect v2's and at a higher fps processing speed now than from PS Eyes, albeit some performance limitations as well.

Good Luck!


PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:16 pm 

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Yeah, none of those are what I'm looking at (and what I'm looking at seems good but I'll wait).

Again, I have over a year and just in the last year I've seen TONS of improvement along the mocap suit line. So I'm pretty confident that will be the direction I go. Again, love iPisoft and if somehow they could have done the two Kinect thing with one computer I'd stick with them but it's not their fault that MS won't allow that. And, for me, space will always be an issue.

But everyone needs to figure out what they want and can afford. I've also got Faceware now and it's stupendous, and it's another reason I want a complete portable mocap solution (I can't really figure out a way to use FW at the same time as iPisoft -- although I might).

PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:50 pm 

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I absolutely agree with Snapz on this. iPi Mocap Studio may not be realtime but, IMO, the results are usually much higher quality than what you'd get with any 'low-end' realtime system out there, especially if the characters need to walk, jump or run around. If you have a decent graphics card, tracking, editing, and jitter removal is quite fast with Mocap Studio--usually a few minutes.

I mainly use it for personal projects but back when I was freelancing a couple of years ago, I used it for digital stunt doubles and creature effects in a handful of feature film VFX assignments. I was in a serious time-crunch and Mocap Studio really came through for me. In most cases, the mocap data required very little clean up, and some data didn't need any clean up at all. The time I saved with the animation portion of these scenes allowed me to focus more on the effects and compositing, which were already complicated enough without the character animation.

In my experience, the key to getting the most out of Mocap Studio is to experiment with the system, understand its strengths and weaknesses, and then practice performing to its strengths. This way, you can perform to capture exactly what you need with minimal retakes and cleanup.

BTW, and I was using dual Kinect when I was freelancing, and shooting in my living room. PS3 Eye will give you more accuracy because of the higher frame rate, but, if your shooting space is limited and your motions are not too fast or subtle, Kinect can quite work well too.

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