Action camera examples
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Author:  djtreble [ Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Action camera examples

Super keen to see how well action cameras work, are there any examples yet?



Author:  fsilne [ Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Action camera examples

you are too stupid,dont need example,because dont need to prove that ,it is true Forver

Author:  fsilne [ Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Action camera examples

give some advice to offical side,we dont need to prove that is true to buy go pro cameraand test it, it is true enough not need to prove it 。if someone not believe this ,he/she is very stupid

Author:  TJ Studio [ Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Action camera examples

djtreble wrote:
Super keen to see how well action cameras work, are there any examples yet?



You're right. We do need an see how well action cameras work in iPiSoft!

fsilne wrote:
you are too stupid,dont need example,because dont need to prove that ,it is true Forver

Don't call him stupid. I'm agreeing with djtreble! We do need an example of mocap shots using action cameras for iPiSoft.

Author:  Snapz [ Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Action camera examples


Let me add a more sensible reply...

The ONLY thing TRUE is the video resolution would be better, and the higher fps choice of recording, video quality is different and still depends on the environmental variables used in.

The OP may want to see examples of the process for using multiples of any brand action camera, not just Go-Pro, as do I, (maybe SJCam as iPi refers to, or others), as it seems to be a kind of longer, and more tedious extended process when using multiple cameras this way, and may not be the choice for everyone before expending the cash, so requesting examples of the "real" process of, lens calibration, (which iPi does show a video example link built into the Recorder), light marker calibration, recording, adding the multiple videos to the v4 Recorder, and the tracking output from iPi Studio, or anyone that wants to post this demo footage and information that is using this method would be helpful and nice... As I would expect some users may post some examples on this soon.

Correct, anyone can go buy and test these cameras on their own, and many will, but to ask iPi for examples is a quite reasonable request, I requested this from iPi in another post as soon as they stated they were adding this feature, since it is their program and seems only reasonable to ask for them to demo this features processes, but will they soon is another question, possibly in time, but one would think iPi would have had to have tested the process even in order to write the programming and to make sure it worked before release and have at least some sort of single action camera, or even multi action cam recording process and tracking example.

You can probably test just one action cameras footage and track it, (I don't think it requires a minimum of 3 cameras to do this with this feature), but would that really show the task of adding multiple angle videos with the video builder, or any of the other tasks involved in getting them into iPi Recorder?
This would be the meaning of the question posted of "how well they work", not just in how well they work in recording video.

It would take at least 2 cameras, (180, 90 degree, or V set up), to accomplish minimal 360 degree view, but I am sure at least 3, 4 or more would be better, depends on the area needed to be covered and the performances needed to be recorded.

It has been a feature within iPi Recorder for a long time to connect multiple higher resolution DSLR cameras by USB cable using DirectShow drivers, and a good enough machine to handle them, but the cost of this is not optimal for most users, nor could you "build videos" from multiple cameras, as it is featured now, which you can still use multiple DSLR cameras and SD cards for this new feature, if you have them.

If you haven't recorded with multiple action cameras and don't know the process of how well it works, or quality of the tracking, PLEASE DON'T REPLY...
If you HAVE used multiple action cameras and have demos of the process, be part of the community and POST THEM please, especially if used a higher 120 fps frame rate video.

Just because a camera has better resolution, doesn't mean better tracking in iPi Studio, (they have improved the overall tracking quality in v4 with PS Eyes though), nor demonstrates the full process of recording with action cams and getting them into iPi recorder as an optimal choice of cameras, I don't use Kinects, but the tracking quality has most likely improved for those sensors as well.

What would possibly show better tracking smoothness would be the higher frame rate of video, 120 fps @ 720p on many action camera brands to get the extra data for tracking... but, it is still debated that if you view the resulting animation on a most commonly used 60 Hz monitor, you may only slightly notice the difference between them after post processing in a 3D editor, if at all.

Keep in mind higher resolution and frame rate also means larger video file size, even after trimmed, and slower processing time, especially for longer takes, so the only real advantage is you may be able to get a larger capture volume. and remote area recording, especially if used in an outdoor environment and for some this may be warranted, but this still doesn't dictate the "quality" of the video footage for tracking purposes.

If anyone has tested, or is using this multi-action camera process for iPi software, it WOULD be nice to see some user examples... Thanks!


Author:  fsilne [ Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Action camera examples

I dont need example file ,bwcause ,if you have any basic language of English,you and read the help file,it is very easy,easy enough,

Author:  fsilne [ Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Action camera examples

do not teach Chinese guys,how to use it,because ,they have stolen the software,because,they are thief,I think this post founder guy is come from china,offical side can check the location or guys come from where,because it is really very easy,do not teach us how to

Author:  fsilne [ Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Action camera examples

we dont need any help ,because it is very easy to know how to use gopro and do animation ,but to somebody who come from china guys ,they do not have the basic language to understand to basic english ,so it is became the difficult things ,and I think,they pay for the software is also difficult things because they do not have money pay for it and waitting for the crack version all
the year ,and there is a video show in china websites show that they have stolen ipi studio 3.0 success and the company that help ipi studio website to sell software ,sometimes ,we try to ask to buy the software and dial the number to them ,they advice us not to buy the ipi studio software and then tell us to buy another software comefrom USA ,called organicmotion and another software called iclone ,believe me,

Author:  Snapz [ Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Action camera examples


Full Disclosure... I am not from China, nor deal with them, and how would you know the OP is from China? BUT, we know you are, you state it over and over again.

Using videos to demonstrate the work flow of any program is commonly done by the developers and would not in any way have anything to do with cracking any software.

Hold on though, you mean China actually steals copyrighted IP? That's just astounding LOL!

Organic Motion uses a required analog to digital converter piece of hardware, so having only the software will not allow it to work properly anyway.

iClone 7 has already been cracked and on torrents all over the world, so if you want it, you can get it from thieves, as well as almost any piece of software ever developed, this is nothing new and not only limited to China.

The action cam process may be easy enough to record with, as the light calibration recording is probably similar in technique, but there is more to it than just recording, one thing is it seems iPi Studio will still only allow a minimum of 3 cameras to track, another is I don't see a way to record the Moves data when using them externally, so that's a drawback, if the iPi Recorder isn't used to record the videos through USB wired connections from the action cams and I am not sure that is possible for all models, then how can they record the Moves data, very important for realistic animations, and who really wants to hand key-frame all that, so again, no instructions on viable full use for these cams.

There is no help file on this subject inside the v4 Recorder, other than a video of optical calibrating the lenses, a listing in the iPi docs about it here: http://docs.ipisoft.com/Main_Page under action cams, but nothing yet listed on the page links.

Another thing is it seems you have to record the light calibration on each cams SD card, download those to a comp., then add all those to one video in the Recorder, Save that, to then be able to track it in Studio, then add a background recording from each camera to add to the added videos in the build operation, Lordy, Lordy... Jesus Take the Wheel! Kind of seems to defeat the purpose of "Ease of use", but it is an optional feature now for those that want to use it.

If iPi is leery of posting videos, or docs on this use, which I doubt, they just haven't gotten to them yet, others will eventually, to at least share their experiences and tracking output, and probably more videos on the full process, showing this would not jeopardize the programs back end, and if all you have to do is read the docs, wouldn't the Chinese just do this as well using Google Translate, or any language translation software? Most likely a stolen version at that LOL!

Relax man! It will all be ok!


Author:  Snapz [ Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Action camera examples


iPi has released a 4 camera action cam recording and example files here:

http://docs.ipisoft.com/Main_Page ... Scroll to RGB cameras info under Action Cams and click Samples and Projects link.

Other info there also under Quick Start Guide.


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