Schematic view, Front left top camera views
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Author:  matthooton [ Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:05 am ]
Post subject:  Schematic view, Front left top camera views

Hi, is it possible to add some seperate camera views such as front top left, whenever I right mouse to check the positioning of the cameras, it gimbols and makes it really difficult to get any predicatble results.

Secondly, can you add kind of like a picture of your avatar, showing it front on, you can click on the different parts of the body, and it will select them.
I find it really difficult to select things such as when I need to correct the roation of the leg, it keep rotating the hips instead, this way, it will be much more predicatble.

Perhaps you can lock the selection also, for instance, if I press the space bar in 3ds max, it will lock whatever I have selected.

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