porting animations from model to another
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Author:  sixcentgeorge [ Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:03 am ]
Post subject:  porting animations from model to another

hello all and team , you seem doing a very nice job with models and animations .
i found you because i am working on a remake of hl using opposing force engine so i add monsters and others models to the maps .
it is nearly done for the "low definition models" version : it means using first generation models . as actually there are a lot of high definition models that come out with new mods like paranoia , heart of evil napalm or others , i try to do a "high definition models" version .
a problem is that some models are missing some sequences , as i have no idea of a program doing it ; i would like to know if "iPi Desktop Motion Capture" [that works great with xp] will do the porting of animations from a model to another ? and even for hl1 models ...
if you want an exemple : i would like to port sequences of "humans" from model npc_scientist.mdl to npc_fsceint2.mdl both of mod paranoia .
npc_fsceint2.mdl should replace the model nurse.mdl i use , which comes from mod theyhunger .
you can see it in movie of intro sequence of mod :

first episode

second episode

got to go testing this new IPI Studio 8']

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