Field of view for Logitech Cameras
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Author:  Nerd3D [ Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Field of view for Logitech Cameras

I used the Calibration tool to figure the FOV for my old Logitech Webcam. Came out to be 41 deg. Which is turning out to be something of a problem. The camera has to be in the next county to get a view of the whole volume. Too far away for my garage to be my work area as planned.

Do the newer models have a wider FOV? For example does anybody have that for the 9000 or maybe the C310 since Amazon has those for $32 right now. I wish Logitech published that info for their cameras.

Author:  Greenlaw [ Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Field of view for Logitech Cameras

41 degrees sounds way off. It's been years since I used the Logitech cameras with iPi Studio but the accepted FOV back then was 75. This was for the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000.

BTW, unless you just happened to have 3 to 4 Quickcams lying around, I wouldn't bother getting new ones for iPi Studio. For the purpose of iPi Studio motion capture, the PS3 Eye cameras are a whole lot easier to use and the results are far superior.

IMO, the image quality from the Logitech cameras was just okay and matching up the control panel settings for multiple cameras was a real pain. By contrast, the PS3 cameras are literally plug-and-play; no 'tweaking' necessary. The only downside to the PS3 camera is that the base is a bit unstable, but you can easily tap the base using a $15 Helicoil kit and mounting them to $12 c-stands from Cowboy Studios or similar stands (IMO, this is the best choice.) Alternatively, Velcro might work okay; better than gaffers tape I'm sure.

Pricewise, the Logitech cameras are not a good deal either. I purchased my PS3 Eye cameras from Amazon for about $30 each, the latest one as recently as last November.

I did notice that the price for a PS3 Eye on Amazon went up $10 during the December holiday season. If you must buy from Amazon, maybe the price will come down by February? Otherwise, I'd shop around.


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