Single Kinect XBox 1 Misconceptions
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Author:  Snapz [ Thu Jan 05, 2017 6:31 am ]
Post subject:  Single Kinect XBox 1 Misconceptions


There is some clarification needing to be addressed for the use of a single Kinect XBOX 1 sensor.

A single sensor can track a faster full 360 degree rotation is semi true, it will look ok after a bit of manual clean up, although better than the Kinect 360 sensor, a single XBOX 1 sensor WILL NOT continuously track a full slower 360 rotation, especially with varying arm positioning, without loosing its connection to the point cloud and it WILL NOT maintain tracking if the sensor can not continuously detect a body part, this is true for leg tracking also, so stopping tracking to readjust/refit actor will be mandatory, nor will one sensor track a 90 degree full body rotation away from the sensor, especially if it can not see the body part to maintain connection.

The videos shown do not show the actual full tracking process, (that will show the lost tracking connections), only showing the after manually adjusted refined results, so it is a bit disingenuous to misrepresent the capabilities of the sensor in this way, and say that iPi is misleading and falsely advertising, as a single Kinect has many other limitations other than just rotational tracking, but if you want to use only one sensor, then expect many other issues, some represented, some not in these videos, this is honest FACT.

The Kinect One sensor uses rainbow style depth vision bands, (light green to deep red), different than the Kinect 360s purple variations, which also can cause tracking issues when the arms are closer to the body within the same color band, and depending where you are in these color bands can also affect the tracking quality.

For better quality tracking, 2 Kinect 360s sensors, (single computer), or 2 XBOX One sensors, (which requires 2 separate computers that are capable of handling the sensor), for a single actor recording at this time, or you WILL be dealing with issues and clean up that is really unnecessary in my opinion, unless you are going to maintain a pretty square stance, (up to 70 degrees shoulder rotation), to the sensor works ok while performing and keeping arm motions at a sensor readable detection distance off the body at all times.

Misrepresenting the capabilities of such sensors to try to make a point is really beyond me and is incorrect and misleading, anyone in this forum that has experienced use with these sensors, (if honest), will state they have several motion tracking limitations/issues, even when 2 or more are used, but are a bit easier to set up and use, so many are drawn to that aspect, which is absolutely fine, but don't be disappointed in the tracking processing limitations, especially with only one sensor.

To each there own choices, but don't misrepresent, or be misleading in your descriptions of any products capabilities that can't actually perform that way without additional measures stated/shown that will need to follow to fully explain, some measures can be accomplished easily inside iPi itself and others externally after exported, this is true with any mocap system or process, though some systems less needed than others, but iPi has allowed a happy medium to produce very good mocap animations in limited space once you get the hang of how to use it effectively and efficiently.

Feel free to post any questions, or disagreements with this post.



Author:  Snapz [ Mon Jan 09, 2017 8:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Single Kinect XBox 1 Misconceptions


Just as a follow up:

I have tested one Kinect for XBox One to perform 360 degree rotations long ago, I have videos of it in the Videos Index, and also showing performed them using one Kinect 360.

It can be done with some manual corrections during processing, this is true, as was stated, but to me it isn't an optimal choice for recording rotations.

If I could optimally process my recorded actions using one Kinect XBox One, I damn sure would, but there is too many limitations and too much manual cleaning, even with using 2 of them I wasn't satisfied with the results, so my choice is to use a 6 PS Eye set up to much better affect.

I may have disparaged someones attempts to just show rotations can be done with one sensor, but wasn't my intention, I just didn't want the effects misrepresented as to the true single sensors continuous tracking abilities.

Of course, if a creator has the time to perform the clean up, anything is possible, I just like a more optimized and consistent work flow and to me personally Kinect sensors don't offer well.


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