C4D Character Object Hierarchy Template
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Author:  end514 [ Wed Jun 03, 2020 4:01 pm ]
Post subject:  C4D Character Object Hierarchy Template

Newbie here, so I apologize if it may not sound like I know what I am doing! FYI I have looked through the iPiSoft documentation as well as the Community Tutorials and haven't found an answer.

My first question involves rigging a character in Cinema 4D using the "Character" object and having it match the hierarchy/be compatible with the FBX (or BVH) mocap data imported from iPi Studio. The Character object in C4D allows you to quickly rig a character using pre-made templates (some of these templates include "Biped", "Advanced Biped", "Mocap", etc). If you select the "Mocap" template, for example, an option appears that allows you to select "Daz", "Mixamo", "BVH Poser", and "MotionBuilder" as a starting point when adding the Pelvis.

My question is does anyone know which of these template rigs will work with the mocap data imported from iPi Studio? Is there one I should start with and adjust so that there are no issues?

My second question involves actually transferring the mocap data to the character after importing the FBX file into C4D. Assuming that my C4D target character is properly rigged, how do I get it to follow the motion of the FBX? I have only seen tutorials on transferring mocap data to an un-rigged character from an FBX/Mixamo file, but is there a way to transfer the action to an already-rigged character? Do I use the "Retarget Tag", or is there some other way that I am not seeing?

A side note: I am working on building the character in Cinema 4D on my work Mac and don't have access to a PC to download and test the iPi software just yet. Once I get a PC up and running I can test things out. Also I am working with C4D R19 and also have access to R21 if needed.

Thank you for any help on this!

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