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PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 5:18 am 

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I am using Ipisoft with 6 PsEye cameras and the tracking is working pretty good, so I bought the software for 1 year.
However I wanted to improve the movement with the help of motion controllers and therefore I bought 3 Playstation Move Controllers(1 for the head,1 for left hand and 1 for right hand).
I put the motion controllers on the back of the hand (as the guy in the video on the ipisoft site did) and fixed it with cable fixer and duct tape.
For the head I did about the same. I just used also a cap, so I do not have to put the duct tape in my hair ;)

However when I apply the data the results are a lot worst then the orginial tracking data.
For example hands are turned up side down, head is looking to the side and so on. Basically the data is not usable at all.

However I point each motion controller to a camera at the beginning of the recording, so I can match it in Ipisoft Studio lateron.

However after applying the controller data for example the head is looking after awhile side ways even so in the video file the controller and the head is still correct and looking straight forward.

I really do not know what i am doing wrong. But i also can not believe that the motion controllers are broken(i bought used controllers)



PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 5:56 am 

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You didn't mentioned you calibrated them first, I am just taking it you did?

Is your dongle plugged directly into a USB port?

It may be better to get a 10 ft. USB repeater cable to extend it away from your machine, or any electrostatic interference that may be close to it.

I had an issue like that a while ago, and doing the above corrected it and never had an issue since, but not saying it is your issue, just a suggestion.

Only other thing is to make sure the dongle is working properly itself with another device connected to it.

If the Moves are spinning smoothly when you twist them on the set up screen of the recorder, they are working correctly, but if they stutter, or freeze intermittently you probably have something interfering with the signal. or worst case they are bad, which is possible, but not probable.


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