D.I.Y. PS3 eye mounts for suspended acoustic tiles
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Author:  whitneyscott [ Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:50 pm ]
Post subject:  D.I.Y. PS3 eye mounts for suspended acoustic tiles

I tried many approaches for the Sony PS3 eye cams, including tripods, and using heavy duty spring-type paper clips. I got tired of tripping over tripods and wiring. My lab is set up with suspended acoustic ceiling tiles. First I tried using PVC attached to an l-bracket then suspended by attaching a PVC cap to an electrical box with attached brackets. It worked okay, but the cameras swung around.
Next I tried Flag pole Holders with 1" PVC. I attached the Pole holders to a 2x4, then inserted the PVC. It works great and the stability is really much better than the electrical boxes.

One camera is attached to the PVC by an L-bracket. I drilled through the base of the camera and used a simple bolt to attach it to the bracket. You can also use small table-top tripods attached to the PVC.

I hope this is helpful!

Scott Whitney

Author:  Greenlaw [ Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: D.I.Y. PS3 eye mounts for suspended acoustic tiles

What I'm using are inexpensive C-stands I purchased from Cowboy Studios (2 for $25 on Amazon). These have standard 'camera' size mounts on top. I also modified my PS3's using the Helicoil camera mount repair kit so I can firmly attach the cameras. I shot a video of the process but haven't had a chance to edit it yet. I'll do so once I'm done with our short film project. The basic instructions are available in another topic in this forum, but I made a few minor improvements to make slightly more stable. I'll let you now when the video of my version of the camera mod up.

I also have L-brackets I bought from a local hardware store and gimbals I purchased from Amazon, that I will use to mount the camera directly to my studio walls once I figure out the ideal locations. These gimbals are exactly like the ones used on Stickypod car camera mounts but a lot cheaper.

I'll post links for all this stuff later tonight if you like.

As an alternative, security camera mounts should work well too. Prices and quality vary so be sure to shop around. I've seen them sold on eBay and Amazon.

Hope this helps.


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