Assisting hand tracking
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Author:  evp_uk [ Sun Jan 02, 2011 4:28 am ]
Post subject:  Assisting hand tracking

A few quick tips I have been using to improve hand tracking results..

A good calibration is essential for all the cameras agreeing on where things are positioned.. With 4 cams in semi circle at 2m high around the picture rail in my backroom I got 100% green calibration in a small domestic space with no special lighting and I got a capture volume of around 2m x 1m.

Look in ipi recorder before recording and note where hands are not visible, obviously try to keep hands as visible to the cameras as possible.

When ipistudio loses the position of the hands,

I) it usually rotates the arm incorrectly, line the hand up as close as you can and then move it so the arm bends slightly, this will allow you to see the angle the upper arm is set to, rotate the arm to it's correct orientation, re-analyze actor and then track forwards..
Ii) if it doesn't work then let it continue to a point that is obviously nice and visible and then track backwards.

I have found this helps improve the data sometimes completely fixing any problems :))

Hope that helps.. Please check the headtracking thread I made in the tutorials section :))

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