Method I used to install PS Moves
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Author:  Snapz [ Thu Sep 18, 2014 7:57 am ]
Post subject:  Method I used to install PS Moves

This is how I got PS3 Move controllers to work on iPi Recorder 2: This is on a windows 7 OS

First, you need to purchase the PS Move controllers from somewhere and I purchased an IOGEAR 521 4.0 + EDR BT dongle ($13 USD online + shipping)
eBay @ Antonline seller. (Get USB to Mini USB adapter that fits Move controller, if you dont have one from another device you own).

The information on the iPi main page to do so was confusing, or maybe I just was, in any regard, this is how I did it.

NO NEED TO INSTALL MOTIONINJOY TOOL or its DRIVERS!! (If you did, go back to DS3_Tool, replug in Moves to USB cables and check ALL Moves in list box and click REMOVE button!

Download the driver from CD and make sure all services are tuned on so Bluetooth can start and function properly. (Especially if settings window won't open from taskbar icon).

Right click the taskbar icon and open device settings from pop up.

Check all lower Connection boxes, NO NEED to check top Discovery box with Privacy Warning.

Now, the amount of controllers you have connected at once through USB will appear in Devices and Printers from Control Panel. (As Game Controllers).

If they don't, you need to re-check all your settings and make sure all services for Bluetooth are turned on in Services. (Especially if settings window won't open from taskbar icon).

Once all are visible and connected showing in devices, Open iPi Recorder and click the Add New button.

Click PS Move button. (iPi Recorder will acknowledge your Bluetooth device if functioning correctly, if it doesn't recheck bluetooth is on and transmitting).

Plug in Move one at a time with USB to Mini USB adapter to computer USB port. (Adapter cable needed, if you don't have one).

iPi recorder will post some instructions on-screen to follow... Do so.

Once done, you will see Success at top of Recorder screen, then click the Back button and repeat steps for each individual controller you want to add.

All Moves will appear on set up screen that have successfully paired.

(Note: You will need to reconnect USB adapter to computer each time you start iPi Recorder, but the Moves will re-pair easily after initial set up).

Use as you wish in the recorder, a few You Tube videos on how to under iPisoft Move controllers. Stay within range of device, walls in between my interrupt signal.

Hope this helps anyone trying to connect PS Move controllers.

Good Luck.

I also used a piece of open cell foam and strapped Moves to the top of my hands, in same direction I would hold them in palms. All I used was a wide rubber band wrapped around my palm and between my pinky and finger, needs to be just tight enough not to slip, but not cut off circulation :) It will stay firmly this way, even with some fast hand motions, but be careful hitting them on ground, if action you perform call for that.

You won't have them on very long, so I thought... no need for an elaborate set up, just something to keep fingers freed up and holds firmly in place and this method worked well for me.

If you desire elaborate, Go for it!

No need for head controller really, as its easy to run through timeline and adjust head mishaps if any, tutorials on youtube for this.

I am using 4 PS Eyes, so tracking is a bit better than Kinect sensors, I have both set ups, I prefer the Eyes, but a bit more tedious now to set up. (V3 is being said to correct this). YAY! if it does.


Author:  Snapz [ Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Method I used to install PS Moves

Caveat on the above post: This is for ORIGINAL SONY PS3 Move Controllers, I don't know if iPi even works with knock-offs.

Before I got the dongle I had to work that way, I did download the tool and install the latest driver for it, and for the Moves, (per tutorial), but the tool never did Auto-Recognize the USB BT adapter GBU521.

I did however, enter in the custom MAC address box, under the pairing in the tool, the address to my BT dongle manually (found in the device manager properties of the BT) and with the 2 Moves plugged in at the same time (2 USB adapters used), it did return that they paired to my BT, but would never appear in my BT connected devices, nor did the iPi Recorder recognize the Bluetooth connection.

I then removed the drivers from the controllers, (replug controllers back in to USB and check box next to each in tool), you will see a red X next to each if succeeded.

If, you click the ABOUT link in tool bar of Tool, you will see the drivers are no longer loaded in the tool also.

I would think this would have broken any connection through the tool, my BT and the controllers, but just can't say.

I unplugged the controllers from my computer and re-plugged them in and let them reload the standard drivers Microsoft installs.

Both installed correctly and I uninstalled the DS3 Tool from my system.

Instantly the controllers were able to be detected by the IOGEAR521 4.0 BT dongle and also by the iPi recorder!

I tried a lot of things before success with this dongle, A LOT!!

This worked for me and it is my own experience and I alerted iPi to it, I can't say it will work for anyone else, but it should with this particular BT dongle anyway.

If anyone has any problems with this process and using this dongle ONLY, reply and I will try to assist you.

It may work with other 4.0 + EDR dongles, I don't know, I just needed it to work with mine :) and it works fine.

Also, a side note: you will have to get the calibration of the controllers inside iPi through trial and error testing positions, as I found them to be a bit finicky.

Also, if you ever re-pair them back to a Play Station, you WILL need to re-configure them again for iPi!

Author:  vmaslov [ Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Method I used to install PS Moves

Snapz wrote:
The information on the iPi main page to do so was confusing, or maybe I just was, in any regard, this is how I did it.

We recommend to use MiJ drivers for Windows 8 and above only, as stated in the wiki. Sorry, if that is not very clear (tell us how to improve the instructions).
As you have Windows 7, you should not bother with the MiJ drivers from the start.

Anyway, thanks for sharing the details of your experience. You have also given us an idea to test BT 4.0 adapters on Windows 8 to see whether they have better compatibility and (possibly) allow to avoid using MiJ. We'll test this in the near future.

Author:  Snapz [ Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Method I used to install PS Moves

Ok, thanks for pointing that part out in the wiki,

I am not remembering seeing that warning before, or just over-looked it, but it does help people to see it in the forum also, as it is a bit more to the point.

I looked through the forum to find posts on Move controller application, and the same questions kept arising on BT dongles and which to use, but no real clear replies on which, and none on use of the 4.0

I personally am waiting for Windows 9... no offense to W8 users :)

I hope this will help people.

Thanks again for replying in the forum.

Author:  j_brujah [ Thu Jan 22, 2015 12:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Method I used to install PS Moves

My experience was rather strange. I'm using Win 7 (64 if it matters) with a very shady BT device, I admit. The part with "keep pushing the PS button" lasted for over 10 minutes but I was determined :P. It's probably the fault of the BT device though, or maybe some other weird reason because as I've seen in the movie from the guide, this operation should be completed rather quickly.

Btw, is there a remove option in Recorder v3 ? I couldn't find it and to remove a paired move controller I removed it from Devices and Printers in Windows (there it was listed as Motion Controller)...

Author:  vmaslov [ Thu Jan 22, 2015 2:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Method I used to install PS Moves

No, there isn't an option to remove. Recorder just lists what it can use, but you choose what to use at the moment.
Why do you need it?

Author:  j_brujah [ Thu Jan 22, 2015 9:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Method I used to install PS Moves

Well, on my first try, after waiting for about 7 minutes of those 10 I gave up and hit cancel. Surprisingly when I restarted the recorder, my controller was listed as up and running so I calibrated it but somehow it was behaving very strangely, turning it for 90 degrees in a certain direction would make the blue brick turn for more then 180 degrees, it was drifting while in place and so on. So I realized I messed up the driver installation, hence I tried to delete the device and reinstall it properly.

Author:  vmaslov [ Thu Jan 22, 2015 9:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Method I used to install PS Moves

I see. From our experience, this is rather seldom case to be supported right in Recorder.
At least, Recorder has a button on the home screen to get into Device Manager instantly :)

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