Easy PS Move Hand Straps
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Author:  Snapz [ Sat Sep 20, 2014 2:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Easy PS Move Hand Straps

An easy way to strap the PS Move to the back of the hands to free up finger movement and is very stable and comfortable.

1) Get a piece of soft cell foam and cut 2 pieces - 1 in thick, by 2 in wide, by 3 in long.. (adjust size to your hands).

2) Get an ace bandage from somewhere - 3 in wide type. (1 bandage should do both hands). Lay controller on back of hand now, (foam piece between) and wrap bandage holding one end and cross wrapping over top of controller around wrist and back to mark cut length.. (Just snuggly). I used the thin 3 in. style bandage, but your choice.

3) Get the GOOD sticky backed Velcro and cut and stick it to bandage, make the fluffy part wider for adjusting tightness. (make sure you stick it to the proper opposite
sides). You can use sew type Velcro if you wish. (cut fluffy piece 2 x 2 in. square and other piece about 1 x 2 in.) If only thin strip type, just cut 2 each side for

4) Get 2 fatter 1/4 in. style rubber bands and the foam pieces and hold them on controller and loosely double wrap rubber band just to keep them together. (no need to
smash the foam).

5) Hold fluffy part of Velcro between pinky and palm, or however you like, just hold fluffy end and set the controller on the back of your hand foam down on skin and wrap
ace bandage over the top of it, around your wrist and back over through thumb and finger and attach.

6) Position controller on hand as you wish and have a go at recording with them.

Rubber band works as foam holder as well as stops the controller from spinning or sliding out.

This will hold the controllers comfortably and you can adjust the positioning of them to better work with the tracking calibration on iPi.

To do fast hand movements or punches, just make a fist and it tightens the bandage just enough to work well for that.

You can still easily get to the START button and full finger movement and won't cut off circulation. (ONLY have to wrap securely and you can also use controller straps wrapped as extra precaution if for some rare reason the Velco released, so they don't fall and break).

BE CAREFUL when removing them as Velrco can get stuck together good, best to sit and place in lap to remove.

Not fancy, but very cheap and very functional and easy to put on each hand by yourself.

Author:  Snapz [ Fri Feb 06, 2015 7:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Easy PS Move Hand Straps


Updated change:

It seems the sticky backed velcro doesn't hold when the performer sweats through extended capture sessions, I had to switch to use safety pins to hold the ends of the ace

bandage together. 1 per hand pinned width-wise through bandages.

If Velcro was sewed on, it would still work, I just chose to pin it.

This meathod does work well to free palms and fingers for prop use, swords, guns, etc. when performer needs to use them, should be wrapped to stay positioned on the back of the hand, NOT the wrist.

It can also be used for holding controller in palms to free fingers, if you want to free fingers for gestures and see where the performer did the gestures to apply them after tracking.

Dances look better when several types of hand gestures are added throughout the recording and easier to see, than remember, when they happen by doing this.

Alternative is to set up and use a glove with a pocket mount as described in other posts, or tear down the Moves an attach to gloves as described in another post.

For cheap and fast, the wrap meathod performs well.


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