I feel like this software is missing some basic features.
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Author:  JeremyV [ Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:48 am ]
Post subject:  I feel like this software is missing some basic features.

Let me start of by saying that I love this software, I have been using everday for the past month.

That said in my opinion this Software is missing some very basic features, especially the price.

1. and this is the largest, the synced recording can be off by 1 or 2 frames after awhile, this results in me often recording long sessions waiting for it to download and even starting tracking before realizing that the recording is basically unusable as there is no way to manually sync the frame. It would be fairly easy to add a small option to manually move 1 of the recordings inside of either the recorderor the studio by a frame or so

2. Locking of bones, this has been mentioned before I am aware of this, and I know that because I could not actually believe that this was not a excisting functionality and spend quite some time googeling how to do it. I come across a a few cases where one arm will do great tracking backwards and another will do great forward but I am unable to get one capture of both arms. I understand there are some complications as bones can't sync independent of each other and they give themselves limitations, but working with smaller joint locks, limiting this to outer bones or full arms legs and head, and requiring a full tracking first should make this a not to complicated feature to implement. Though I am sure you have already thought of the logic.

3. Undoing of Tracking, this might be a defect I have been experiencing, but tracking is not undoable which especially when working with odd captures and trying to make the best of it becomes incredible frustrating.

4. Adjusting of joint limits, those are just predefined variables I don't see why this would not be implemented. Granted this is something that is adjustable in the animation programm, but this is easy to implement and could really help with some odd movements caused by the tracking.

5. Manual bone animation, it should be possible to position a bone in frame 5 and then in frame 10 and for the bone to manually adjust between the frame instead of having to adjust it for every frame.

Those are features that i would generally expect in a software of this size. Again I love the application but I am very dissapointed to see those things missing.

Lastly, and this is not expected, but I think a seperate hand tracking could helpful. Basically where the user create a recording just of their hands and mimcs hand gestures, but is required for the hand to be much closer to the camera.


Author:  vmaslov [ Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I feel like this software is missing some basic features

Hi, Jeremy
Thanks for such detailed input, it's valuable for us.

First, regarding Undo for tracking - this is a bug and will be fixed soon.

As for other suggestions, those (at least partially) have been in our plans for a while. But performance of tracking was our main priority. Now we've got significant progress in this area, so we plan to shift development focus towards secondary features in the next year.

Author:  JeremyV [ Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I feel like this software is missing some basic features

That actually makes a lot of sense, obviously core functionality takes priority. I only started using the software a month ago to experience the Impressive tracking it currently has, and as said I am loving it already.

I also wanted to mention that you should consider a fail switch for the tracking for forearm going into the elbow and knee into shin. while there are some instances where they will be close, a simple checkmark (or tracking option like redefine) to switch prohibiting those bones from using the same core space, should be a great start.

Let me know if you guys want any logs or specs, I don't have any repro steps, but it was a consistent issue for me so It shouldn't be hard to reproduce. I am looking forward to features being added, and I am highly recommending the software to my friends, colleagues and studios I work with :)

Author:  vmaslov [ Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I feel like this software is missing some basic features

Undo for tracking is fixed in v3.5.0.214.

Author:  genesis1 [ Mon Jun 22, 2020 2:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I feel like this software is missing some basic features

I like the idea of the manual animation of correcting an arm pose for instance on frame 10 and 30 and the software replacing the inbetween frames. It is laborious correcting every frame so that would be a great time saver.

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