IOGear BT400 and Windows 7 OS
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Author:  Snapz [ Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:58 am ]
Post subject:  IOGear BT400 and Windows 7 OS


I am posting to find out if anyone using an IOGear BT400 on a Windows 7 OS is having issues with their Move controllers?

I was, and this is just for information/warning to anyone else that may be having Move controller issues, it could possibly be the same issue.

Although it pairs fine and seems to track fine, when I applied the data to the scene, it would not fully apply correctly, causing backwards wrists or totally messed up.

I changed to an ASUS BT211 now, with Windows 10 and everything is working right, so far.

I posted a lot about this issue in the forum with no responses, so I don't expect one now, this is just what I was experiencing.

I tried 2 different of same brand and both had identical issue.


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