Why are rigs exported sideways?
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Author:  barcodeflota [ Sun Nov 27, 2022 11:42 am ]
Post subject:  Why are rigs exported sideways?

Hello! I've been using ipisoft for a few weeks for motion capture and I've been very pleasantly surpised at how intuitive and straightforward the process has been.

I wanted to build a custom rig, since the ones ipi mocap studio can export don't quite match my needs. Namely, I needed to acommodate longer limbs, slightly change the column curvature, and add a few extra bones for clothing physics. But when I went to edit mode, the rig looked like this:


If I do "fix" the armature and set it so it properly resembles the resting T pose so I can work with it, then the rig breaks when trying to import it to ipi mocap studio: appendages looking at opposite directions no matter the orientation, the character being below ground, etc.

The solution I guess would be to export the animation with a default rig, then to retarget it to the desired rig with whichever editing software. But I'm afraid in the future I may want to use different armature inside ipi studio, and I'll be facing the same problem. Does anyone have a workaround, or any advice at all? Much appreciated.

Author:  pas [ Mon Nov 28, 2022 2:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Why are rigs exported sideways?

based on what you say the issue may be caused by difference in coordinate systems.
First, when you import your rig, initial frame should contain T-Pose. In this case auto-detection of coordinate system may be possible.
Also, there are "Orientation" control in a Motion Transfer Profile section of Target Character tab.
You can try to use "Auto" button to auto-detect coordinate systems, or change asix directions manually.
If none of this help, there may be some incompatibility as we only have basic built-in motion transfer features.
Specialized motion transfer software should be used for more complicated rigs.

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