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PostPosted: Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:47 am 

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I've been trying to fix the position of an actor's arms on a motion capture when the arm is occluded (single Kinect 2 environment) by the actor turning their body on the spot to walk back the way they came. The default tracking obviously loses the occluded arm, and so I was manually moving each frame into place.

This works fine until it's time to do any further track forward or track backward operations. Once I've fixed the arm manually, I've disabled tracking on the two arms in the "Individual Body Parts Tracking" section, because I'm only interested in the legs.

However this doesn't work as I expect: the arm positions get overridden to being back as the bad pre-fixing versions based on tracking. Shouldn't disabling the arms mean that the arms are not modified by using the Track Forward/Back buttons and stay as the fixed versions ?

(If I've clearly misunderstood how this works and need to RTFM, please feel free to just point me to the section of the docs most appropriate - I've read what I found, but it doesn't seem to describe this).



PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:31 am 

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I know once you fix the arms, or legs manually due to occlusion, you can not run the Refine process on these areas again after, or it may affect all previous manually set positioning adversely.

As for the individual tracking option to turn the arms off to remove them from the tracking process, it should work this way, it removes them on my end, but it also may not follow the manual positioning you set prior, it turns off connection from the frame and position you turn them off at and just moves with the torso from there, until they are re-selected again, but it also shows the area in question can not have been tracked first with them selected, even if they didn't track correctly due to occlusion, try isolating the area of the ROI you wish to affect and deleting all animation in this area, (See below), then turning them off just prior to tracking the area in question, it looks like this is working on my end, then you can set the arms manually after this at a later point, just don't run Refine with them re-selected in the area you set them manually afterwards.

Be aware turning off arm tracking may also affect the proper tracking of the clavicles and upper back also.

If the area was already tracked through with the arms on, simply set the frame on the ROI to the frame you wish and drag the ROI bar until it snaps to that frame, (or click the gray ribbon icon for this), then do the other end of the ROI until it falls to the area you wish to re-track, then in the drop-down menu of the Edit tab, select Delete all animations within ROI and try to re-track just that area with the arms turned off first.

I am referring to performing this with PS Eyes and it works, I don't use Kinects, but I would imagine the process should work the same way, so iPi will have to address the issue if it isn't for Kinects.


PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:04 am 
iPi Soft

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Hello, Rick,
could you please share your project with us in order we could track down the issue or give specific recommendations.
Please write to our support e-mail

iPi Soft

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