Six PS3 Eye camera setup, how to best layout
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Author:  WTFK [ Sat Sep 24, 2022 7:58 am ]
Post subject:  Six PS3 Eye camera setup, how to best layout

Hello there fellow MCs,
so I got the equipment and the room ready, now I need to know what would be the best layout for the six PS3 Eye cameras in this (see picture) 12m x 5m space. This is how I set it up for now. I read that the cameras need 2m space to see (even when using the 75 wide FoV) the floor and the full body of one. That would give me 8m x 1m capture area? That wouldn’t be optimal, being limited to 1m on one side. I have read that it’s also possible to setup a half circle layout. Would that give me a bigger capture area while at the same time worsening the results because the cameras are not within a 360 “circle” and can’t see the person without occlusion? I have 10 more cameras laying around but without tripods and cables but then I would need to upgrade to the more expensive suit, would that even help me out significantly for a one person motion capture session?

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Author:  vmaslov [ Sun Sep 25, 2022 1:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Six PS3 Eye camera setup, how to best layout

Two options come to my mind:
  1. Put 3 cameras on each of two short sides. One of 3 at a greater height. Move these lines as close as possible to the capture area. I guess you don't need as much as 8m in the length.
  2. Put 4 cameras in the corners. Put 2 cameras at the ceiling in the centers of the long sides. Again, the distance between short sides is dictated by your requirements for the size of the capture area.
In any case, avoid an actor approaching the walls.

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